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Don’t talk to the God of Thunder in the restroom

One of the more challenging things I’ve been doing this past year is participating in writing competitions that give specific prompts that must be used and a strict, short time limit for completion and submission. The first was a screenwriting contest in which we first had eight days to write 12 pages, then five days … Continue reading

Zombies: brainless entertainment

Zombies bore me. Sorry for the non-sequitur, but I can explain. Last Saturday, my close personal friend and sometime co-writer, Barbara L. Sorensen, posted an essay on her blog¬†entitled America’s Love Affair with All Things Zombie. In this post, she notes the enduring and seemingly insatiable fascination with zombies as the focus of movies, television … Continue reading

Romance is yucky

Yesterday, writer-blogger Jen Burke of Jen’s Bookshelf wrote a post about how she hates to write battle scenes. At the end of it, she asked readers to talk about what scenes they hate to write. I thought about it and I realized I couldn’t come up with any specific kind of scene I hate writing. … Continue reading

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