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Zombies: brainless entertainment

Zombies bore me. Sorry for the non-sequitur, but I can explain. Last Saturday, my close personal friend and sometime co-writer, Barbara L. Sorensen, posted an essay on her blog¬†entitled America’s Love Affair with All Things Zombie. In this post, she notes the enduring and seemingly insatiable fascination with zombies as the focus of movies, television … Continue reading

Spending my Saturday morning with Portland writers!

There’s a group called PDX Writers – which is pronounced “Portland Writers; “PDX” is the code for our airport, and Portlanders use this as shorthand for the city itself. Anyway, they host writing workshops on a regular basis. One of their staples is the monthly Saturday Open Workshop, generally held on the fourth Saturday of … Continue reading

Romance is yucky

Yesterday, writer-blogger Jen Burke of Jen’s Bookshelf wrote a post about how she hates to write battle scenes. At the end of it, she asked readers to talk about what scenes they hate to write. I thought about it and I realized I couldn’t come up with any specific kind of scene I hate writing. … Continue reading

Making friends in the fast lane

I deeply adore my adopted city of Portland, Oregon. However, there are definite disadvantages to living here – or anywhere on the West Coast, really – compared to living in the midwest, where I originally came from. Housing prices, for one thing, are considerably more outrageous. I was listening to a local program on Oregon … Continue reading

Portland, Land of the Free… books

When I moved 2,200 miles from Indiana to Portland, Oregon three years ago, I didn’t have the means to bring a lot of stuff with me. This meant leaving a fairly large collection of books behind. It’s only recently that I’ve had a chance to start slowly accumulating books again, and in a place like … Continue reading

Platform-building campaign: like a barn-raising, but with more words!

Today marked the opening of registration for Rachael Harrie’s Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign, an event I’ve been looking forward to for a few months. I first ran across a description of the previous Campaigns (which were then called “Crusades”) when I was Googling for info about techniques for building a platform as a writer. Rachael … Continue reading

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the new home of my blog! Come on in, make yourself at home. Excuse the lack of seating – you know how it is when you first move in and you can’t find the furniture for a few days. Just to clarify the “who” and “what” of the situation, my name is Leanne … Continue reading

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